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Nobody knows your business better than you do. As your solutions partner, we're committed to building your business solutions on Microsoft technologies that align with your vision and address your needs.

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SharePoint Solutions

Whether you have SharePoint on premise, online, or are still trying to decide if SharePoint is the right fit, we can help design and build the solution you've been hoping for.

Custom Solutions

If you have a need for a new solution or an existing one that needs a refresh, our deep experience designing and building on the .NET platform and Azure can help put the project on the right track.

Integration & Migration

Data will always need to move between solutions. If you need to integrate with an identity provider, share data between multiple systems, or move files to a new system, we're up for the challenge.

Planning & Consulting

Every successful solution starts with a solid plan. We want to help you get off to the best start and make sure your business solution aligns with the technology it is running on.

An easy to use platform to support your team during emergencies and incidents

IncidentPoint has been built on top of the robust platform of SharePoint Online, so you can count on world class stability and security, as well as built in features such as document management and complete version history for review after incidents.

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Who we are

At 12th floor solutions we believe in bringing the best solution to our clients through strong communication, development and support.

It was on the 12th Floor that the original spark set in motion where we are today. Our name reminds us to continue to maintain the passion and focus we had then. To build solid solutions and value added services that meet the needs of our clients while preserving our passion for technology and making sure that 12th floor is an amazing place to work. We pride ourselves on our commitment to listen and understand our clients, formulate a solid plan and build what they need. Even as technologies and the needs of our clients change, we continue to focus on working alongside them to provide the best service based on their technology solution needs. If you would like to find out more about us and our services, we'd love to chat!


Bob Brown

Principal, Enterprise Architect

With over a decade of planning, building, and deploying a wide range of systems and solutions on .NET and SharePoint, Bob has garnered the experience and depth to provide value throughout all sorts of projects. He's as comfortable working through business needs as he is rolling up his sleeves to take on complex technical issues. Bob is a computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo.

Matthew Baptista

Principal, Solution Architect

Matthew has been architecting, leading teams and developing solutions on Microsoft technologies for over 10 years. His solid technical background combined with his leadership, attention for detail, and his ability to step back and see the big picture has resulted in many successful solutions and projects. Matthew has a computer science degree from the University of Toronto.

Our Creds

Solid Track Record

We focus on maintaining strong, long lasting relationships with our clients. That means being open and honest, while also putting ourselves in our clients' shoes.

Microsoft Partner

With support from our clients, we are proud to be a Microsoft Partner in the Collaboration and Content Competency.

Deep Understanding

Over a decade of building complex solutions for a wide range of clients has given us a breadth of insight and deep understanding of the .NET and SharePoint platforms.

Recent Projects

Microsoft Flow for Streamlining Business Processes

Leveraged Microsoft Flow along with SharePoint, Planner, and Outlook connections to implement custom flows to auto generate statements, create support tickets, and submit expenses.

Security Trimmed Data Service for Excel Data Modeling and Forecasting

Leveraged SQL Azure and a custom MVC application to assemble and send data based on user's credentials to Excel through connections to be used for complex modeling and forecasting scenarios.

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Sharepoint Customizations

Working with in house technical team to leverage SharePoint features and the REST API to develop fully featured custom forms to simplify financial and accounting processes.

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Document Package Sharing

Implemented a custom solution, built on Azure using .NET, MVC, WebAPI, and Angular to allow companies to distribute and manage packages of documents to external consultants.

Timesheet and Resource Tracking Application

Built using SharePoint Online, SharePoint Framework, and React, this tablet friendly application allows managers to enter and track their team's time or to plan future resourcing on multiple projects.

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Line of Business Search Solution

Developed and migrated content to new custom search tool for accessing documents to assist with negotiations. Built using SharePoint 2013, REST API, Angular, and Sharegate.

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Emergency Operations Dashboard

Designed and developed a dashboard for municipal emergency management. Built on SharePoint Online, it offers an easy to use interface to share quick information quickly and effectively between internal and external users during an emergency.

Various SharePoint Migrations

Planned and executed SharePoint content intensive migrations from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint 2013, to enable the latest capabilities while maintaining familar functionality and document structure.

SharePoint CMS integrated with ECOMM

Designed and developed a public facing SharePoint content management system (CMS) that enables authors to create fully responsive content for a healthcare association. The solution also surfaces the company's product offering that is managed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and seamlessly integrates with an e-commerce portal so users can add products to their shopping cart and check out.

Lobbyist Registry

Designed and developed a fully featured municipal lobbyist registry using Azure and ASP.Net Core. The solution includes lobbyist registration, managing lobby information, administrative interfaces and flexible data reporting.

Office 365 Intranet Portal

Implemented a portal for users across the globe on the SharePoint Online platform. It's primary purpose is to provide enterprise wide communication, support team collaboration, and improve key line of business workflows by leveraging the out of the box capabilities and non-invasive customizations that enhance the experience and administration.

Identity Management and Single Sign-On Solution

Implemented a claims based single sign on solution allowing current and future .NET and SharePoint applications to leverage for authentication. The solution made use of existing identity stores and provides a seamless experience for end users accessing the various web sites.

Some of our Clients

Ontario Hospital Association
City of Vaughn
National Energy Equipment Inc.
Alectra Utilities
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
FP Canada
Cornwall Community Hospital
Ryerson University
EDM Canada
York Regional Police

Industries We've Worked In

Energy and Resources
Incident Managment
Tax and Audit